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offer various equipments for playgrounds 
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MetalloCryl INTERIOR 
MetalloCryl INTERIOR

Decorative Interior Wall Techniques

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OSMO / for exterior wood / Impregnation / Wood impregnation WR and WR aqua)

Wood impregnation WR and WR aqua)


The special preventive wood impregnation against insect
and fungal attack!

  • Clear, for exterior use
  • Especially recommended for wood not in contact with the ground, windows, shutters, doors pavillions, cladding and garden furniture
  • Osmo WR Base Coat is extremely water-repellent, reduces swelling and shrinkage, prevents and protects against wood pests such as blue stain, rot and insect attack and is an ideal primer for oil-based finishes (such as One Coat Only, UV-Protection-Oil, Country Colour)
  • Number of coats: 1 coat is sufficient, a final top coat is most  definitely required
  • Application quantity 160-200 ml/m2

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