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offer various equipments for playgrounds 
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The basic materials that we use for construction of children's facilities are HPL-panels, wooden columns and beams, steel fasteners and ropes.

HPL-panels are characterized by exceptional strength, resistance to outside weather conditions, as well as with a wide selection of colours.
The construction is made out of impregnated coniferous timber with diameter from 60 to 140mm and glued timber with size 90x90mm, extra protected with paint.
Metal parts – screws, nuts, galvanized pads are additionally secured with plastic caps. The top of the swing is made of galvanized constructional steel or stainless steel. Technical chains with short links of 6 mm are made of galvanized, constructional steel or stainless steel.
Nets to climb, grates, rope piers are made from the polypropylene rope with a steel vein inside, connected to oneself with decorative adapters and finished with aluminum clinches.
Fixation to the ground is carried out on metal anchors. This extends the life-span of our devices by avoiding the process of decomposition of the timber. 

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